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so many people who are attempting to be counter-culture and progressive and liberal don’t like fight club because they think it’s an oversexed white male dominance fantasy and that’s exactly right. that’s what fight club is cutting at and making fun of

that boxy chested dudebro with the tyler durden poster in his dorm is the one the joke is on. it’s written by a queer man as a jab at over-privileged anxious 90’s white men with sexual frustration that they can only channel and expel by beating the shit out of each other

and actual stuff is happening around them, their actions have consequences, there is art and science and cancer going on around them and they wanna blow junk up and the narrator realizes this in the end and destroys that side of his personality because it went too far

that’s the punchline that’s the point of fight club y’all


ok but i want canon bisexual steve rogers to be a complete non-issue. like maybe it’s just mentioned casually but explicitly in passing, or maybe AoU/cap 3 opens with steve on a date with a dude and it’s going terribly, a la jane in thor 2. can you imagine???? steve rogers on a date with this hot guy but it’s just so bad because no shared life experiences, and he gets a call to save the world half-way through and has to run off. can you imagine???????? imAGINE IT

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