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so many people who are attempting to be counter-culture and progressive and liberal don’t like fight club because they think it’s an oversexed white male dominance fantasy and that’s exactly right. that’s what fight club is cutting at and making fun of

that boxy chested dudebro with the tyler durden poster in his dorm is the one the joke is on. it’s written by a queer man as a jab at over-privileged anxious 90’s white men with sexual frustration that they can only channel and expel by beating the shit out of each other

and actual stuff is happening around them, their actions have consequences, there is art and science and cancer going on around them and they wanna blow junk up and the narrator realizes this in the end and destroys that side of his personality because it went too far

that’s the punchline that’s the point of fight club y’all


ok but i want canon bisexual steve rogers to be a complete non-issue. like maybe it’s just mentioned casually but explicitly in passing, or maybe AoU/cap 3 opens with steve on a date with a dude and it’s going terribly, a la jane in thor 2. can you imagine???? steve rogers on a date with this hot guy but it’s just so bad because no shared life experiences, and he gets a call to save the world half-way through and has to run off. can you imagine???????? imAGINE IT

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Tolkien read-along: Chapter X ‘Strider’ 

'Would it? Would any of you have believed me till now?' said Strider. ' I knew nothing of this letter. For all I knew I had to persuade you to trust me without proofs, if I was to help you. In any case, I did not intend to tell you all about myself at once. I had to study you first, and make sure of you. The Enemy has set traps for me before now. As soon as I had made up my mind, I was ready to tell you whatever you asked. But I must admit,’ he added with a queer laugh, ‘that I hoped you would take to me for my own sake. A hunted man sometimes wearies of distrust and longs for friendship. But there, I believe my looks are against me.’

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Anonymous asked:

You're concert master?! This is AMAZING! Screw your mom, she doesn't understand! Focus on the joy of being appreciated for your talent, not on those who doesn't. I had to move out from my mom's house to have a better relationship with her. Just wait, life is going to be better! <3

Thank you, that’s very sweet :) 
I’m happy you’re having a better relationship with your mother, I think moving out tends to be a really important part in getting a better relationship with any sort of guardian. Being your own person beyond one another, and so on.
Thank you so much, I love you!!

I am very done with living here and feeling like nothing i do is ever enough. today i came home with the story of my teacher taking me aside after class, and giving me two new solo pieces for our first concert, BECAUSE I AM ACTUALLY CONCERT MASTER, even though there are two other seniors in my section, a few really fantastic juniors, a very dedicated sophomore, and a ridiculously talented freshman (not to mention all the other members), and yet SHE CHOSE ME IT IS ACTUALLY OFFICIAL. 
like, i literally showed all my friends in class and they jumped up and down with me, and i started to cry. I’ve been waiting for this for so long.

and when i brought out the two pieces, and i showed my mother that up on the top it finally says “Solo Violin”, she went “that’s cool”, started to complain about her day, and finished the long winded complaint with yelling at me for somehow “ruining her paintbrushes”


imagines carlos bursting into animate spanish whenever he answers the phone and it’s his family checking up on him

and cecil’s in the room and smiles like an idiot because it’s adorable but he also has literally no idea what’s being said

until he hears his name in the middle of a sentence and he makes eye contact with carlos like ‘i heard that’. and carlos kind of grins sheepishly like he got caught with his hand in the erlenmeyer flask

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